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Steinway & Sons Announces The University of South Africa as an All-Steinway School.

all-steinway-schoolsMr. Deon van Vuuren, Director of Pianoforte (Pty) Ltd, the sole Southern African Importers of Steinway & Sons Pianos, announced on Saturday, 18 February 2011, on the occasion of the inaugural concert of UNISA’s new Steinway Concert Grand Piano, that the University of South Africa (UNISA has joined the exclusive group of All-Steinway Schools.  UNISA is now one of some 100 prestigious universities, colleges and conservatories around the world that hold this status.

unisa-threeUNISA is the first university in Africa to join the roster of All-Steinway Schools.  The UNISA Music Foundation has purchased 8 Steinway & Sons pianos, their first being a Model C grand piano more than 90 years ago and now uses Steinway & Sons instruments exclusively.

Image Right:  L-R:  Brian Wallick (America), Prof. JE Kleynhans (UNISA), Anastasia Terenkova (Russia), Deon van Vuuren (Director:  Pianoforte)

“It is my privilege to announce that UNISA has been bestowed with this honour,” said Mr. van Vuuren.  UNISA has been awarded this honour after a 90-year long relationship with Steinway & Sons having acquired their first piano, a Model C-227 concert grand piano in the 1920’s and is still supporting Steinway & Sons after all these years.

UNISA’s recent purchases include the latest acquisition of a new Steinway Model C-227 concert grand piano and three upright pianos from the Essex and Boston range of Steinway Designed Pianos during 2010 as well as Steinway Models B211 and a Model D-274 acquired some four years ago.

Image Right:  UNISA's latest aquisition, a Steinway & Sons Model C-227 Concert Grand

UNISA’s investment in the world’s finest instruments provides both their faculty and students with the best tools possible for the study of the pianoforte.  This trend will, no doubt, continue in the future with the replacement of the older instruments as well as new additions from Steinway & Sons.

Since 1877, pre-imminent schools around the globe have recognised the value of Steinway pianos to students’ learning and concert venues and artists have selected Steinway & Sons as their preferred suppliers.  The value of UNISA’s All Steinway School Status, extends beyond the students, and reaches out to the public by offering performing artists and concert attendees the joy of playing and listening to the world’s most aspirational and iconic brand in music.

Image Right:  Georgi Anichenko and Anastasia Terenkova in concert

Pianoforte Pty Ltd, established in 2006, is the exclusive, Importers of Steinway & Sons products into the Southern African Region, with a showroom in Cape Town.  Their products include Steinway & Sons family of pianos, including Steinway & Sons, Boston and Essex and also the award-winning Steinway Lyngdorf Audio Systems from Denmark as well as Steinway Watches from Geneva.

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